About Edurizon Pvt. Ltd.

About Edurizon Pvt. Ltd.

These are the words of famous American philosopher, psychologist and educational reformer—John Dewey, and we absolutely agree with him.
In a world that is open, seamlessly connected and closer than ever before, medical education has transformed from being a confined experience to one that is shaped by global and cultural interactive experience students undergo. However, the greener pastures of better, superior educational opportunities have always eluded our students by misinformation and vague processes and systems. To this fore has Edurizon Pvt. Ltd. entered committing to provide genuine, authentic and professional support to students who aspire for quality medical education in countries such as China, the U.K, Singapore, Canada and Russia, and we have ever been successful in showing the right way to the students who seek our help about exceptional medical universities and institutes across the world.
Incepted as a unique medical education consulting services provider that dares to think different, we have always searched for out-of-the-box solutions to bring best guidance, insight building and counseling services to young and aspiring students. We measure our success through our candidates who have selected right medical universities through our guidance. Through our nurtured experience of helping numerous students find their true career-callings, we have supported several students make the right choice in selecting right medical universities and the countries that offer the best platform to reach their career goals of becoming an excellent medical practitioner.
We live, breathe and operate through a strong sense of business values and ethics that form the very fundamental pillars of our consulting services and are tethered strongly along every transaction and interaction we have with our clients. It is our responsibility to help you find the right way and we have the right talent, infrastructure, networking capability and the experience that matters to take you where your dreams wait for you.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I apply through Edurizon Pvt. Ltd.

We help you with your new career, synthesizing your thought process, professional, personal, academic development. We have a very individualized and one on one approach to help you discover your goals and take pride in making overseas education a very simple & straightforward process.

What does Edurizon Pvt. Ltd. do?

Edurizon Pvt. Ltd. helps in assisting students reach their dream destinations. We help in each and every step of your career. We provide you with the best universities of your match your profile and suit your requirements. We counsel and direct students for the desired choice to be made for the desired country.

Can students work during semesters?

No, since this is a full time study curriculum, the government does not allow the students to work while studying.

How does the student make the choice about the course & the University?

We could assist the students in shortlisting the right course in the right university for their future career. We work as a friend and advisor with the students to help them choose the right options for themselves. Our expert team will be with you to guide you throughout the admission decision process.

How long does the application process take place?

It depends on the universities you are applying for. However, generally the approximate time is 5 to 8 weeks. But if a student puts an application through Edurizon Pvt. Ltd., we try to gets the offer from the University as early as possible.

When should you plan your application process?

We would recommend student to apply at least 4-5 months before the course commences as the admission procedure takes place at least 4-5 weeks & Visa processing will take 4-5 weeks.

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